Are you looking to protect your home or business from water infiltration? If so, you should strongly consider a roof coating and painting the exterior.

Protex Roofing Services is an Progressive certified coating contractor. We offer many different types of coatings with different levels of warranties.

Coatings are usually a much more affordable option than reroofing. Coasting systems can provide a slew of benefits to your roof; for starters, it will help prevent moisture from seeping in, which in turn helps prevent leaks, mold and mildew growth and other unwanted repercussions caused by water infiltration. What’s more, it will help limit the amount of maintenance you’ll need to do on your roof.



According to a 1996 study by Simpson & Gumpertz, the life expectancy of most popular roof systems is between 11 and 14 years. The chart below shows various popular roofing systems and the impact of roof restoration vs. tearing off and replacing the roof.

Roof restoration can increase the service life to your roof 5-15 years longer than a tear off/roof replacement. Further, you can continue to do restorations on sound roofs to further extend the life of the roof. Roof restoration provides a sustainable, easy to maintain roofing membrane without the time, cost, disruption, or safety concerns of tearing off an existing roof and replacing it.


Did you know that roof maintenance systems are fully tax deductible as an operating expense? One of the key advantages of a restoration system over a new roof system is in how it is classified by the IRS. Restoration is classified as a maintenance, and in most cases it can be expenses in the accounting period in which it is incurred. On the other hand, a new roof system is a capital asset that must be amortized over a 39 year life.

Repair type Initial cost Term Write-off
Tear off / replace $100,000 39 yrs $2,564
Restoration $25,000 1 yr $25,000



Radiant heat and powerful UV rays cause thermal shock and rapid deterioration of all roofing materials at the molecular level. This constant exposure results in accelerated aging, lost flexibility, fatigue, splits and cracks and ultimately roof membrane failure. Heat build-up on a roof can also lead to increased building temperatures, building discomfort, unproductive employees and increased energy consumption and costs.

Cool roof systems drastically reduce roof temperatures, thermal shock and roof maintenance requirements. In addition, they extend roof life, improve building comfort and substantially reduce cooling costs. In fact, we refer to cool roof systems as an asset that can provide a return on your investment.

Protect your home or business from water infiltration caused by harsh Florida rains by taking advantage of Protex’s Waterproofing Services. To learn more about the benefits of our waterproofing services or to schedule a FREE quote, contact us at your convenience.


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